Thursday, February 07, 2008

A little talk radio fo-pah

Today I did a little something out of the ordinary..for me anyway. It's not often that I turn the radio station to AM and listen to talk radio but for some reason, I just didn't feel like listening to the same old songs on different stations; so I turned it to AM 1500. Joe Soucheray was on. He's a favorite in the state of MN of many men. He has a show called Garage Logic. His logic of what a man is is based on how many cylinders a man has sitting in his garage; the more the manlier. And this includes lawn mowers, cars, motorcycles, a lawn trimmer, you name it. If it's gas powered you are a manlier man!

So anyway, one of todays topics was the arrest of some mob members in New York. Click the link if you're so inclined. Ask me who and I couldn't tell you since I don't pay much attention but anyway they started talking about the names of these guys. And of course they began making up names. Silly names of course. It then led to Soucheray suggesting that names could be made up from the MN State Fair alone with all the varieties of food there. So began the onslaught.

In his creation of names, Joe blurted out 'Joe the Footlong Johnson'. ( I don't remember the others...turkey leg on a stick, mini donuts, etc) Anyway, after he mentioned Joe the .... , the people in the station with him busted out laughing and since it's uncharacteristic of me to actually listen to talk radio I was quite surprised to find myself laughing so hard I had tears coming from my eyes. Why? Well, not only for obvious reasons but apparently Joe didn't realize what he had said and fumbled to try to say that which of course caused more laughter.

Whether he knew what he was saying or not, I won't know but it certainly made me laugh. What sealed the deal though was a phone call from a man about 2 minutes after who said, "Hey Joe, this is Joe Johnson and I just wanted to thank you". Perhaps it was all the belly laughing going on in the background while Soucheray calmly continued on making up names, I don't know but this has had me laughing for much of the evening and I just wanted to share. It's probably not that funny to some but I still had to share because there are those who stop at my blog who listen to this man on the radio and who like his show and can appreciate this...

ok, time for homework now...just had to share

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