Wednesday, February 20, 2008

A horrible and heartwrenching tragedy

There was a bad bus accident in Minnesota yesterday that is under intense investigation as I write this. Four young kids were killed and many injured. There are bus accidents but never have I heard of this many children dying or being injured.

While the death of two of the children is horrible and my heart certainly goes out to the parents, two of the other children were brothers. The same ages as my two youngest and the mere thought of what the parents and family members must be going through losing not one, but 2 of their children makes me absolutely nauseous. Honestly, I don't know that I could cope with a loss like this.

Please keep all the families and the children in your prayers. I'm sure I'll be updating this once more is learned about what happened but here is one of the articles.

From left to right: Emilee Olson; 9-years, Reed Stevens; 12-years, Hunter Javens ; 9-years, and Jesse Javens; 13-years.

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