Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Findings that won't quite make the world happy

The investigation into the tragic bridge collapse is underway. Released yesterday were just the beginnings of what may have been a major cause. I'm sure there will be more to add to this blog about this but I guess that this finding might be shocking or even disappointing to some.....

Not Bushes fault, not Pawlenty's fault, not the DOT's fault, of yet....not global warming's fault, but the fault of the original design of the bridge. A bridge that was built 67 YEARS ago by a company that doesn't even exist.

What can one do about that? Who can one blame now? How will this unfold for those victims seeking some funding for the injuries they've sustained? Should the state pay for their long term medical care if they need it? Or is it just a case of "in the wrong place at the wrong time and shit happens"?

While there are still people out there who will point fingers, those out there that will cry foul to the findings, the fact remains that the collapse of the I-35W bridge will forever be a tragedy no matter how one looks at it.

I didn't know a soul who was hurt on that bridge, who died on that bridge on that particular day but it was painful all the same. I'm sure this is just the beginning of the things that will be discovered and the beginning of numerous other complicated things that will surface because of these findings. Lawsuits redirected, heads everything else, life will just get more interesting for some.

Sadly though, the worst thing about all of it is that no matter what, how or why it happened that day, no amount of blame, no amount of money, no amount of anger, and no amount of firing this person or that will ever turn that tragedy could have been someone we knew...I guess I'm one who believes that one day it will be my time, or the time for my husband or never knows but it's certainly wasteful to spend so much time fighting for something that you can never get back...I guess this is due to a conversation I had with another today about this and how I could feel the....anger seeping out of her pores over this....what, really, is the's one link to an article Pat sent me.

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