Wednesday, December 05, 2007

My aching back!!!!!!!!!!!

Hidyho! Snow, marvelous snow! And how!

For some reason this year, I am so excited at the prospect of a snow storm. Maybe it's because I'm tired of looking at brown grass and freezing my tooty off whenever I go outside when it's actually supposed to be winter.
I would say that we have about a foot of snow on the ground right now. Driving sucks of course but all the same, the white ground cover is sure beautiful to look at. And we're supposed to get even more tomorrow and possibly more on the weekend.

HOWEVER....the shoveling? Ugh, is my body aching today. Between shoveling at work and then coming home and shoveling a large portion of our driveway last night, I am a physical wreck. Worthless. Must be getting old or something. LOL

I figured that since hubby would be driving the kids around in the mess, the least I could do was a good portion of the shoveling so that when he borrowed the neighbors snowblower, he wouldn't be outside until midnight. And he was grateful as all get out but wished I hadn't done so much. But I did enjoy it. Our son was out there with his cute little red shovel right next to me working his butt off. I found myself stopping to watch him quite a few times, all bundled up in his snow pants and jacket. The kid got off the bus and threw his backpack in the house and we dug his shovel out and off he went. He didn't even take a moment to have his snack. At one point I told him to go inside and he said, "No mom, I can't leave you out here all by yourself. What a sweetie! Him and I finally had it at about 6:00, I was spent. He was laying on top of our truck scraping the ice of the windshield of the truck--he was cleaning my truck off for me so I didn't have to do it before work this morning.

And I will never know where the energy came from but after we got in the house, found something to eat and rested a bit it was time to take on a whole new chore. Baking some cookies! Today I was asking myself what in the heck was with me yesterday. For as tired as I was after all the exertion, I really felt like baking. So, I made up a batch of sugar cookies and gingerbread cookies and threw the dough in the fridge for later use and then made about 3 dozen oatmeal raisin cookies, which taste EXCELLENT but turned out like crepes, they're so darn thin!!!!!! I must have forgotten something. But I had 3 of the 4 kids helping me make those and we had a lot of fun with it. The most being the taste testing of the dough. Needless to say I cannot wait to taste the sugar cookies. I pulled a bunch of recipes off the internet, an email for a website full of cookie recipes. Now, I just need to find the energy to make them. I see that dough in the fridge and shudder.

My term is coming to an end, FINALLY! In one class I'm getting completely bogged down with homework while the other two are about the same. But the end is near and my mind is ready for a rest. **sigh** Oh, and I also passed my tax preparation class at H & R Block....I put my notice in at my other job last week, (yippeee) my final day being the 21st and will start as a tax preparer the first or second week in January. I was a little shocked that I passed the test simply because my attendance for the classes was lacking. Apparently I understand the tax stuff a little more then I thought....I even got my own business cards now...yippee!

After all this, life is just moving along. Christmas is coming fast, ugh! But now it's off to bed. I'm exhausted today from all that work yesterday. Have to rest up for more tomorrow and the weekend. At least I get a three day weekend....

Hope all are doing well....

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