Sunday, December 23, 2007

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Well, since last time I posted on this blog, things have drastically changed. I am done with school for a couple of weeks, I had my last day of work on Friday, and it's two days before Christmas. Man, did this year fly by.

We HAD plans for Christmas Eve; my folks were supposed to come out for the day for a nice brunch type meal and just to hang out but looking out our windows, I don't see that happening. Why? Snow, marvelous snow. I read in the paper that maybe a possible 7-12"! While I don't mind the snow as it makes Christmas all the more merrier but I wish it could have done this yesterday or in a couple of days. Ho-hum, such is the life we have.

I have pies to make today, stuffing to make, and I finally finished baking cookies yesterday. MMMMMMMM, I love the holidays just for the good food. Funny how over the year I just don't feel like making that kind of stuff, wonder why that is. And even after tomorrow I'll have 2 turkeys in the freezer....Pat's folks were kind enough to stock us up on turkey for the year.

Anyway, I need to figure out what to make my pies in, all my pie tins have mysteriously disappeared over the years, hmmm, maybe I should check our sand box.

For all you out there, have a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A SAFE AND HAPPY NEW YEAR! (although I'm sure I'll be blogging over the week).

By the way...I must say this, it was the whole reason for this post.

My brother is gone away in Kosovo...thinking about it brings tears to my eyes knowing that he is there without his family. His family is hanging in there but at the same time I know in my heart that this is a hard time for them. So, for them and for all the soldiers and their families who are struggling over the holiday season, PLEASE keep them in your thoughts and prayers. It's a helpless situation when all we can do is email, send them mail or chat on the phone...God Bless them all and a big fat thank you for all that you do.

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