Sunday, December 09, 2007

Crossing the line in my eyes

Why don't parents just have kids and turn them over to the government to alleviate all this? Mandating that children get this vaccine or that vaccine, in my eyes, as a parent of 4 kids, is crossing the line.

All these years I've been a parent and seeing all the new vaccines crop up has made me uneasy. When our son was still an infant, he got a vaccine for roto-virus. A nasty stomach virus that causes vomiting and diarrhea and can be quite fatal. Because it was recommended by his doctor as well as the nurse, I trusted their judgment and said, 'by all means, give him the vaccine' and so it was done. He had no adverse affects from it and life went on, thank God. Not 6 months later, there was a news report on the news about this vaccine. It had been recalled, pulled out of offices across the country because it was causing infants to die. I don't remember what exactly the problems were but I do know I freaked out! It turned out that it had not been tested long enough to know if it was safe or not.

Our son turned out to be one of the guinea pigs without our knowledge, is how I felt...and they put him at risk. A doctor and a nurse assured me that it was safe, that there were no adverse effects to this shot. I was livid and extremely grateful that my son was ok. But I was sad for those parents who had lost their babies to something as 'simple' as a vaccine. This vaccine should never have even been an option to give to babies. NEVER. But it's funny, that story was buried under the carpet as quickly as it came out.

New Jersey wants to make many vaccines mandatory now...the flu shot, pneumonia vaccine, meningitis, and whooping cough. The flu shot only protects against 3 strains of the flu from what I understand. And yes, the flu can be deadly, I know this; so can the drive to preschool!!!!! But to force this upon parents?

If New Jersey wants to mandate all these vaccines, why don't the preschools pay for it or the middle schools instead, or the politicians? It seems to me that this is just a way to make the pockets of the health care providers and insurance companies deeper and another way for health care costs to rise. And it seems to me that schools have a little more money then they like to admit to.

I guess I come from the old school of thought on this...get a good case of it and it builds up your immune system. Sterilizing bottles and pacifiers was never something I did, I washed them in soapy water and began use. To create a sterile environment, in my opinion, is more dangerous then living in this world being exposed to the many illness' that are out there.

As I said above, just have the kids and hand them over to the government...if a parent cannot decide what they want for their own children then the next best thing is those out there who think they know what's best.

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