Saturday, November 17, 2007

When stick figures become a reason for suspension

Well, I opened this to put up a post on the 6-year old boy who was suspended from school for drawing stick figures pointing guns at each other's heads but I closed that link. OH, here it is...First-grader suspended over drawing I guess, to me, suspension is kind of an over reaction to something this little.

Hell, a girl drew that exact sort of picture about my daughter, with her name on the figure that was to be shot, in 6th grade at age 12 and that girl didn't get suspended. There was a conference with the parents and the child and the problem was solved.

Could it be that because this little kid is a boy that the school took such drastic actions? Or is the pc thing just becoming so anal that no matter what a little child does it will be wrong and eventually there will be a jail for kids under the age of 8. Who knows. Such as the little girl charged with drawing grafitti when she was only coloring on the sidewalk with sidewalk chalk. All the same to me, RIDICULOUS!

I don't know about you but I can certainly see one in our future.

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