Sunday, November 25, 2007

A memory changes everything

Now laws will be based on memories? A 5-year old was sexually assaulted and video taped during this act which was performed by a 21-year old woman and now the judge thinks her sentence was unfair because the boy, now 16-years old, can't remember? And the "poor" woman, who made some pretty stupid decisions chose to stay in an abusive relationship, blames the dead pornographer husband for the act, and is seeking sympathy for this and there are actually people who are willing to give her the benefit of the doubt??????

That whole victim thing again....and you all know how I feel about that!!!!!!! Sick and twisted people in this world.

Sexual acts with a child of a 5 is a damn crime; yesterday, today, tomorrow, last year, the last decade and on and on and on!!!!! As some of those who commented pointed out...if it were a man who committed this act, would the question even be brought to light whether or not the sentence is fair? I very much doubt that. And is it not considered a crime these days to molest a child?????

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