Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Gobble, Gobble, Gobble

Well, my goodness, it's already Thanksgiving tomorrow! Holy Guacamole is this year flying by. It seems like only yesterday that my kids were dressed up for Halloween.

So, it's time to give thanks for a moment for all the wonderful things in this thing called life. I think it's important to stop, take a breath and look at all the stress in this life and look at the good that comes from it. Even though it's difficult, there are up sides to things no matter how terrible they may be.

Marriage, I couldn't ask to have been married to a nicer man. I'm so very grateful everyday for him and all that he does for me and this family. But mostly for the love that he gives.

Kids. Ah man, do I really have to????? Ok, I'm thankful for my kids and all the unconditional love they give no matter how horrible they think we are. Their laughter, their tears, their smiles and their antics, how this life would be so dull without them. And mostly for their health, Pat and I have been so very blessed.

My mom and dad...for raising me into the human being that I've become, even if they aren't proud of me all the time. For enduring all the years of heartache and worry and stress that I have caused them in their lives.

My in-laws for loving us and helping us through rough times and for the meal they will provide tomorrow for all of us. But mostly for having Pat. :)

A job for both Pat and myself, even though I hate my job it still helps to pay the bills and is providing food and for all of us. And it has allowed Pat and I to go out once in awhile to enjoy some dinner or a few drinks to relieve all the stress that we endure on any given day.

Friends...those who have known me for many years and those who have only just gotten to know me on my all of you for being there, for your support, for your kindness and your loyalty. Without you, well, my blog would be what my mom would call, a glob. LOL

Thank you for all of this and for all that I have neglected to add to this post. I won't have time tomorrow to post as I have to work and then head straight to the in-laws for a tasty dinner. May you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving and drive safely and enjoy your family's.

Happy Turkey Day To All!!!!!

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