Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Wake up people--or are you on drugs?

If Christian Holidays shouldn't be 'crammed' down the throats of those who just don't want it to be a part of this world, than neither should Muslim Holidays. Oh, and lets not forget that Christians don't demand that ALL people, teachers and students, should dress up like Jesus, or Santa Claus or the Easter Bunny. Decorations are and have always been a traditional part of the Christian and Jewish holidays yet I don't remember in all my years here on this planet ever feeling forced to celebrate those traditions or else.

Hang all the decorations one wants to note their traditional beliefs both religiously and celebratory. I don't give a tahooty about that, it's a free country right? Or is it...

We should embrace the Muslims and their traditions eh? Those 'peace-loving' beings only want to be accepted.
The big questions that aren't going to be answered for many years to come about whether or not the Muslims just want to live in this country peacefully will loom over our heads. For as much as one would like to accept their presence here, it gets a little difficult when their religion is being crammed down our throats at a level that is a do-it-or-else suggestion.

Embrace all of our beliefs and lay off the 'or-else' part and perhaps this world can be a peaceful place full of acceptance....however, since the attack of 9/11, I don't see that as an alternative.

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