Friday, October 05, 2007

Odds and ends

Just a quick post before I go bury myself in homework. Been trying to read some of the news but it seems that I only have moments to do that these days. Boy, it sure does make me realize just how "un-busy" I was not too long ago. I'm going through blog withdrawal! Ugh.

Not a whole lot going on. The kids are all doing well, Pat and I are trudging along and life is full of all sorts of little odd surprises. Woke up this morning to a lot of rain.

Holy cow are we getting the rain around here lately. This morning driving to work was not fun. The glare on the road and the inability to see the lines made for some interesting moments. Not to mention big pools of water here and there contributing to hydro-planing. I thought to myself that perhaps driving in pouring rain in the dark might be worse then driving in the winter. The car in front of me was certainly having a rough go of it...many times this person was driving in the shoulder completely unaware of where they were on the road.

There was a 14-year old girl in some school in the cities who had brought meth to school, that was all the rage around town for a few days. Amazing how surprised many people are at things such as that. I guess I read too much about kids these days and not much surprises me....oh, how about that "hazing"? The three football players sodomizing others. Now that was pretty twisted.

Around our state, there seems to be a serial horse killer. That's kind of sad. Awhile back a horses throat was sliced and then this week in the paper another was strangled. Someone had made a noose type thing and tied the horse to a tree and apparently the horse strangled itself trying to get free. What kind of loony goes around killing horses?

Any of you read about the border patrol near Canada confiscating birds that hunters shot and were bringing back across the border because of the Avian Flu? They took like 88 coolers or something and brought all the ducks and whatever else to the landfill. Needless to say the hunters were none too happy.

Bridge reconstruction, well, I only read a little about it but of course there's a big investigation into MNDot. HUGE! Talk of wanting someone fired, etc. And of course the cost of rebuilding is coming in WAY over budget. Big shocker there. Can't say the state didn't see that one coming.

Oh, and the biggest news for the week? The all over smoking ban began on the 1st of October. Many, many unhappy people and business' and who could blame the business anyway, it's their property, they should be able to do with it what they want.

Monday was mine and Pat's 19-year anniversary. WOW, 19 years and man, have they been great years. I look forward to 19 more and then some. He took me out to dinner that night and wrote me the kindest email. It made me cry and that doesn't happen all that often with me.

Our Soldier Girl turns 18 in a couple of, time sure does fly! We don't have any plans for the big day, frankly, we are tapped out as to what we can do for her? Any ideas, float time my way in the comment section.

On that note, enough babbling, I have to get to my homework. All the stuff I wrote about can most likely be found doing a search on them if you're at all interested. I'm just too lazy and hectic to dig up the links to all of it. The majority will either be found in the archives of the St. Paul Pioneer Press or the Star Tribune, both MN papers. The story about the 'hazing' will be found probably just about anywhere on the web.

Ok, gotta go...hope you are all well and thanks for your loyal visits. It's nice to have you all around to share with.....

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