Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Shut up already

Bodies haven't even been recovered from the river and people are already bickering over the planning of the new bridge. Should it be ugly and useable? Should it be beautiful and a memorial? Should it have the capability for light rail?

It's really sad that so many things in this world cause so much upheaval on so many levels.

Plans are to get the bridge rebuilt as quickly as possible so the commute can return to some normalacy. For the sake of those who commute. The look is of little importance but the safety of the public is in mind. To stay within the budget allotted by the government.

The mayor of Mpls. wants to add lightrail which could take much much longer to research and would include spending more money.

My own personal opinion? Who cares what the new bridge looks like! Why dig deeper into the pockets of everyone to add lightrail? If you want a city with lightrail, move away somewhere else. It's just ridiculous that people are still missing in a tragic event and others are out there fighting over this!

Yes, life goes on for all of us out in this world but those who are still awaiting word on their loved ones are grieving, hurting, and numb! We can't stop the days from dawning but before a huge disagreement erupts about how to build a new damn bridge, could people have a little respect for those who are mourning??????

Ugh, this is just ridiculous. If the road gets you from point A to point B, who really cares? If the safety of the new bridge is of greater importance this time around, who cares how it's built, as long as it's safe! If it's a basic structure built more out of quality than beauty, then people need to just shut the hell up and let it be built! Beauty is just really too much a part of too many things in this world these days, to me it matters not!

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