Saturday, August 18, 2007

Insensitive Schmucks!

I chuckled when I read this opening paragraph to this article:

"Who would have thought that Baghdad could be less dangerous than the paths around Lake Calhoun?"

And this, for those who like to believe that they 'support our troops', or are such loving, honest, caring folks and who probably scream the loudest about these things:

As she lay there in pain, the women stopped briefly, then rushed away.

Ok, I will give some detail. A woman, Sharon Schmickle, riding her bike on the path specifically designated for bikers only, comes upon 3 women WALKING on the bike path, the walking path just steps away. Trying to avoid them Schmickle decides to go off to the right only to find herself tangled in the dog's leash leading to the obvious, a crash.

Cracked ribs and her helmet so cracked up that a cop told her she would need to replace it.

Granted, these women had absolutely NO idea that this woman is a soldier. That's a total aside from this. But to walk away and leave her lying on the ground after they were obviously in the wrong.

I think I would much rather be in Baghdad, at least there my fellow Americans would tend to me and take care of me. Thankfully there was a park worker there who came to her rescue....

But honestly, what kind of people would just continue on their merry little ole way like this?

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