Monday, July 23, 2007

Old friends and good times

Been quite lax in my posts lately. There's been so much going on in our life that I just can't muster the energy or the words to write. I'm so out of the loop with the news these days that I don't even know where to start over! Ugh, must just be summer.

Kids are fighting to be on the computer, Pat's on it and by the time I want to get on it I just don't feel like it.

We went to our 20-year high school reunion over the weekend! Wow, what a system overload that was! You know how you go to school all those years, see people in the halls in passing, kind of register they're there, and move on? You don't say hi or really even acknowledge them, just look and wander away with your own thoughts.

It was quite the opposite at the reunion. So many people to talk to, so many who wanted to talk, so many who had so much to it was a lot of fun. Pat and I have done nothing but remember this conversation or that. Him and I got separated for much of the night, looking over heads for each other, sneaking into a corner every so often just to say hi to each other. But those moments only lasted for a mere 10 seconds when we were bombarded with people!

We were able to see many, many people that we both pretty much grew up with. At the 10 year reunion, it wasn't nearly as fun or chatty. Everyone seemed so.....well, I can't think of a word but maybe this will put it into perspective. Everyone at the 10 year seemed to have not quite found their niche yet. Many were not married, many didn't have kids...hell, Pat and I had 3 by that time and we felt old and really out of place. But this time people were pulling out wallets and ranting and raving about parenthood. Marvelling at how old our kids were, and the feeling of the night was really upbeat.

I guess in a sense it was a great release of much stress that we've been under around here. It was like stepping out of reality for a night and being on a whole new planet. I think ultimately it was just what we needed to get our feet back on the ground and to regain some perspective in this life.

My brother is doing well, his family is hanging in there although it's been tough, OH, and that photo? Of my brother hugging his twins and wife? That photo went National...MSNBC picked it up. It was kinda weird to open up that page and see it right there on the front. Our daughter, well, we haven't heard much about her homecoming...all the paperwork is in the works right now but that's all we've got to go on for her. And also, we were finally told that she has torn her LCL and will need physical therapy when she gets back. Finally, an answer of some sort!

Other then all this, each day is passing us by and each morning is a new day. Must keep on going and get through it smiling!

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