Friday, June 29, 2007

Update on our Soldier in training......

We have FINALLY received an address for our girl in training. God I miss her. Life around here is very strange without our first born baby! Even though she was always chatting our ears off, wanting the phone or the computer, and bothering us endlessly to go here or there, --things that would normally annoy us beyond annoyance--there is just an empty space around here and I have to say, I kinda miss it. Coming home on a Friday to her letters after a hell of a week at work...well, there is just nothing like it!

So, her first letter spoke of general things...making friends, getting situated and then of course how horrible the food is but she's hungry all the time so eats it anyway...oh and the best part is telling us they got their uniforms and how good they look in them. **heart swelling with love and pride for her spirit and courage**

Now, today we are certain to watch our backs! Hehe, they were issued their M16's and her exact words in the letter were: "get to have a gun...yay". This of course sent a pang of nerves into my stomach while at the same time I laughed because she was most excited about learning to shoot a gun. Although, I wonder what might be worse...her with an M16 or her behind the wheel of a car.

She sounds good but there's a hint of loneliness to her as well. Can't blame her, so far away from a life she grew up in. Apparently she had her friend holding her back from 'ripping another girls' face off' she put it. Eeks...I have to get a letter out to her quickly and reprimand her...she has a couple of nicknames from the sargent because they can't pronounce her last name.

One is "T-Po" and the nickname that will stick with us throughout this whole ordeal will be 'Sh** Sucker', ...LOL She got a kick out of that one.

She has spoken about how MEAN the drill sargents are outside but are really cool inside. Her whole unit is called "Turds". And then she sent us a little list of address' that she needs and some things we need to send her.

Phone cards, stamps, pens--specially requested Sparkly BIC...Sadly she had a 300 minute phone card ripped off from her the first few days they were there so she has none. Too bad there has to be such dishonest people out in this world. She is sad that there's only so much time to make calls, one night they were only allowed 60 seconds...She will most definately be having major withdrawl from the phone.

So, if there is anyone who would like to drop her a line I would bet she would love to have it. Please just drop me an email and I will give you her address.

Thanks to you all for your love and support and stay tuned for more on our little Sh** Sucker. Pat has also posted on this, saying pretty much the same things but in less words....hmm, how could that be. Take care all and will be back with a post soon hopefully.

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