Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Summer chaos again

Man, life has just been a flurry of activity. So goes the days of summer I guess.

I started a new job last week working with disabled people. I haven't quite decided if it's something I like or not. One of those things I guess. The hours are pretty sweet though but its also a job that one shouldn't do just because the hours are really perfect! In fact, it's quite exhausting and at the end of the day I'm ready to fall over. The emotional drain is intense.

Then of course there's soccer season which I've already mentioned. Our youngest daughter had a spectacular game last week. She played mid and man, I haven't seen her play like that since she was 6-years old. She almost scored a goal! Her team so far this year is undefeated and she was pretty excited about what she accomplished in that position...that she actually can play and not just defend the net! No matter that we've been trying to convince her that her hunger is there, she just resigned herself to the fact that she was a defender--I know that's a pretty important position! Good at it too although her abilities are much more obvious when she's running around the field.

We had a surprise sweet 16 party for GD#2 on Saturday. God, time sure does fly! It turned out well, although there was a little emotional drama that needed to be dealt with. It started out a little shaky but in the end, it was a success. It was supposed to be a surprise but as those go with kids, well, it slipped and she knew about it. Although we didn't go to great pains to surprise her considering the situation at hand. The cake that my friend made was amazing! I actually saved a part of it for her birthday next year.

Now, we plan for our oldest daughter's departure to basic training in a couple weeks. :o( We don't talk much about it but it's looming in the back of our minds. There's a rather large party scheduled for her on the 9th at my folks house. I guess in the end I would rather just live for the moment because the thought of her leaving for a few months is a littttttttle painful.

She leaves on the 12th. We won't be able to go to the airport to see her off, she told us she won't be able to call us that much or email...God, what am I gonna do without her here. She's my butterfly! Ugh.

I sit and wonder what exactly we'll write about, what sorts of things I can send her, if anything, how she's doing down there, knowing full well she's going to be horribly homesick. Thankfully, we have soccer to keep us busy and I now have a job to keep me busy during the day so hopefully the time will go by quickly.

So, my lack of posts has actually been due to all the crap that's been going on around here. And really, the news is the last thing I want to think about at this time. The weather is beautiful when it's not raining, working in my garden keeping it weed free and watered...life is good but busy.

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