Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Blah, blah, blah

Whew, been a whirl-wind couple of weeks around here. Aside from recovering, soccer season has geared up, our oldest daughter attended prom over the weekend, our second daughter turned 16 on Tuesday of last week, Pat's been crazy busy getting the cemetery cleaned up and I had a garage sale last week at the last minute.

We also found a few hours over the weekend for Pat and I to join a couple of friends on a fishing outing! Man, what a God-send that was. There is just nothing like sitting out on a boat on a beautiful day relaxing! I think too that it's something that Pat and I need. We don't seem to have much time alone these days and with me on the job hunt, our weekend get-aways have been missing. I caught a single fish I think, my friend and her hubby, well, she caught oodles of sunnies, he hooked onto a Northern but it got caught in the anchor and then snapped his line and Pat, well he too caught quite a few sunnies.

Feels good to be functioning again. Although I find that I don't have much time in a day between looking for jobs, planning going away parties and surprise b-day parties, taking kids here and there, picking kids up, running errands. Man, life is moving at an unbelievable pace it seems.

I would like to add that I apologize for my lack of a Mother's Day post! Yet another busy day. So to all my friends out there in the cyber world, I hope you all had a wonderful Mom's Day! All us mom's know how stressful and hard being a mom is, I do hope that your kids and significant others treated you special!!!!

Today will be another busy day but thought I would take a few to put up a little post or two.

Our little guy had his first soccer game last night and wow! What a soccer player that kid's gonna be if he continues on.

He started out as goalie and the kid, I swear, thinks he's a hockey goalie. He had a bad go of it letting in 3 goals in the beginning but once he got the hang of it and dad whispered in his ear to charge the other players when they came rushing in with the ball, his skills were golden.

He also scored a goal, it was damn pretty if I might say so myself. The difference in boys and girls soccer is truly magical! The team had a pretty decent comeback in the second half scoring a total of 3 goals. The final score was 4-3. Amazing watching 8 years olds and getting so worked up on the sidelines. Never thought I'd be one to cheer and yell!

So until my next post......thanks for stopping

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