Thursday, April 05, 2007

Should the teacher have intervened?

...."Cat Fight!!!!.....

It seems that girls fighting has been in the news a little more these days. This story just another example.

Now, this teacher, a male, is being accused of standing by and letting the fight go on.

The big question is, should he have intervened and broken up this fight or should he have done exactly what he was supposed to do and call an administrator?

If it were my daughter, the school policy being that administration is to be called immediately, but the fight goes on, would I be upset? If my daughter was near death, hell yes. If my daughter is dumb enough to get into a fight in the first place and have a few bruises? Probably not. I would be more angry with my daughter and this other girl than I would at the teacher. But that's just me.

It brings to mind the mosh pit in our daughter's middle school and the day our daughter came home with a broken wrist. In that situation, teachers/authorities were not monitoring the hallways, they were ignoring the chaos, they didn't call us to let us know our daughter was hurt, and they wouldn't allow our daughter to go to the nurse. My anger was directed at the school due to negligence in more than one sense. But we took care of the problem and didn't call the local media nor did we sue them. And our daughter was reprimanded accordingly by us for involving herself in something completely inappropriate for the school hallway.

Ok, my take on this cat fight. If this teacher, a male, had broken up these two female girls fighting, what are the chances that his hand, while trying to intervene, could have brushed up on an area of the girl that some would deem, inappropriate? What are the chances that in the end, this teacher would be labeled a sick man, brought up on charges for assault or sexual misconduct? I may be reaching here but honestly, in society today, certain measures must be taken in order to protect yourself. But I notice in the article, a female administrator was brought in to break up this fight between the two girls. In this case, school protocol was followed. In the case of our daughter's broken wrist, it took a few phone calls from us parents to create some sort of stir to get the school to even act or notice. Hello!

He was following protocal, lets nail the jerk because he was following school policy...give me a break! People will go to any length to take the focus off of their unruly kids, to pin the blame on another.

I am so sick and tired of this mentality that I could puke! Taking accountability for the actions of yourself or your children is so lacking in this country. I just don't get it.

In my eyes, this teacher was damned if he did and damned if he didn't!

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