Friday, April 13, 2007

Daddy daycare is a reality and other gripes!

How disturbing is this???

New Study Lumps Fathers in With Day-Care Centers

This just really makes my blood boil. It's worse then that study they did on marriage not too long ago! Get the facts correct or get out of the business of doing studies! The people who do these are certainly not taking the time or making the effort to get the truth, they only want to paint marriage or fathers as something of the past, something that is very insignificant.

How bout the possiblity of all female conception? Hear about that one? Creating sperm from the marrow of a woman so that lesbians can make their own baby girls? Ahh, just another reason for the women to say that men aren't necessary. Perhaps I shouldn't be upset about that because it's a pretty amazing prospect but in the end, the men are going to feel the punch of that one and be made to be even more insignificant. And lets not forget, the women could only produce girls which would mean that our world could consist of an all female population. What a damn concept!

I am sick of this world's left leaning mentality and the biased studies of the numerous things! I've refrained from talking about the Imus incident because it angers me so damn much--why is Rosie still on The View? Shouldn't she be fired too?

While I don't much care for what this guy said that doesn't mean that I think he should be fired for practicing his right to free speech! Al Sharpton, Rosie, William Arkin, and their ilk all get a free pass when they spew venom such as that. Why in God's name is this guy being used for a new crusade?!!! Not to mention a New Jersey Governer got in a pretty serious car accident on his way to meet with Imus. Ugh!

Blood is boiling and I am on a rant! Time for me to stop!

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