Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Twisted sense of the activists

'We want this baby polar bear dead' say animal rights lobby'

I don't much agree with keeping this cute little guy in captivity for the rest of it's life but isn't the point of being an animal 'activist' to protect and keep the animals alive?

I've watched animal shows where humans feed the animals, I believe it was tigers, things from their habitat and teach them to hunt for their own food and eventually let them go to live in their own environment.

Euthanize this animal for what reason? Because it's humiliating to bottle feed it and help it to survive? A natural instinct in us humans when babies are left in dumpsters. Seeing an injured bird or bunny, if it's still able to function and get around, is it not the natural process to help it SURVIVE?

If this little cub is in top condition, is thriving and capable of a long healthy life, what right to animal activists have to want it dead. And hey wait a minute...aren't the polar bears dying off because of global warming? I guess the concern of the lives of polar bears in moot unless it means oodles of publicity and money for these twisted groups! Their cause is not for the animals but for the ability to raise hell whenever things don't quite go as they want.

Euthanize this little guy because these people feel it's more humane?

Ummm, Activists vs. Euthanize a healthy little polar bear whos mama didn't want him.

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