Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Higher Education "outside of the book"

School district: Sixth graders had sex in class

Sixth graders already putting on a 'show' of sorts for their classmates inside of a school, inside of a classroom, while a teacher is present. So much is wrong with this.

Since we have a child in sixth grade, I find this to be a very uncomfortable moment. I can't imagine nor do I even want to imagine such things of children of this age. They are so naive and clueless.

Where would the idea to do this in front of a class full of your friends come from? Where would the idea to do this knowing full well you could get caught come from? Why didn't the other children in the classroom say something instead of watching the spectacle? Why wasn't the teacher more aware of what was going on before the act took place?

The article states that it's a shop class and it gives students the opportunity to learn outside of the book. Well, that is definately an understatement unless porn mags are the book of choice for sixth grade shop class.

The last disturbing thing is something that Pat and I discussed briefly. This has been kept a secret for months--since November. A resident of the area tipped off news sources.

Yes, this would be an embarrassing thing for a parent to have to deal with as well as the school district. But it doesn't say in this article if in fact all the parents of all of the kids involved were notified. Or if the school took steps to let the entire sixth grade population in on this because rumors do occur.

This is not something that necessarily should be news worthy for people like myself who lives hundreds of miles away. But it is questionable to read that this story was kept under wraps for so many months by the school. Of course they don't want to discuss it and would rather bury it as deep as they can but that won't happen now.

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