Monday, February 19, 2007

Marvelous example of evocative and delicious-Scrotum

“The word is just so delicious,” Ms. Patron said. “The sound of the word to Lucky is so evocative. It’s one of those words that’s so interesting because of the sound of the word.”
I just HAD to pull my favorite quote from this article! It's sooooo delicious!

Hubby ain't gonna go crazy about this but I told him I will! Scrotum...the new vocabulary in a children's book that won a Newberry Medal.

P and I have been chatting about this and the controversy surrounding it...Me? Well, if you all know me by now, this sort of anatomically correct language doesn't belong in an elementary school library. For hubby, the word is just scrotum...then I asked him, "Hun? How many times have you seen this word in your novels?" He chuckled and said, "Umm, never? Good point."

E-N-D O-F C-O-N-V-E-R-S-A-T-I-O-N!!!!

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