Wednesday, May 22, 2013

And it continues...

Well....whoever said things happen in threes hasn't met my family. Perhaps it's three per person in this house but no matter......enough already is screaming in all our heads. We are walking around slumped and beaten emotionally and mentally...

After that last post I actually fell through a rotten piece of wood on our deck and messed up my knee...I laid there fighting the tears of embarrassment, frustration, and pain praying to someone that this would be the last thing to happen to us...Well, the Wednesday after that I learned my sister was in a motorcycle accident in Texas, our son pulled his hamstring in the first game of the season, he played again over the weekend and reinjured it but not as bad....then last night learned that a woman (K) who is a very big part of our lives has taken a turn for the worst and has very little time left with us.

Today at work was a really effed up day. A teacher there has been battling cancer--thankfully I didn't know her but today I learned just how very much she was loved by staff and students.....We learned she passed away around 1:30--school was still going on. The hallways before word was officially announced were blanketed in this invisible fog you could feel descending and sprinkled with sobbing students and teachers. I stood there struggling to figure out what I could do while fighting back our own personal hell time went on and the announcement was made I watched numb and nearly catatonic as people all over the hallways were sobbing. Needless to say it was an awful way to end the work day for P and I given the crap we've been dealing with....probably worst of all was our plan was to get out of work and go visit K for one of the last times

My sister and her husband are ok. He suffered a separated shoulder, some very sore ribs on the right side, and over all aches and pains in the aftermath. He was released the day after the accident. My sister on the other hand suffered a non-bleeding laceration to the liver, bruised kidneys, a bruised adrenal gland, and a concussion. She was knocked out and doesn't remember much but my brother-in-law did a hell of a job taking good care of my sister in that situation. I could not be more grateful for that. However, the bike didn't fair as well....totaled.

My knee is healing well but still tender where it's bruised up. Been seeing a chiropractor who's been working on it to help it heal.

On to K....well that is not good. She is in rough shape and it all happened very suddenly--well, we were prepared for a few more months with her.....we all believed she had at least nine months to enjoy the rest of her life but as cruel as life can be it has not been granted. Time is short and words are left unsaid....hopefully when we go to see her again on Friday she will be in decent enough shape to say some things to just is too much. 

Anyway....time for me to go to bed. Have to get some sleep to muster the energy to walk back into that school tomorrow morning and help out as much as I can with those who are grieving.....the poor kids ... ugh!

Saturday, May 04, 2013

Life is just so cruel sometimes

Been awhile..

A sad post today due to a month that I so wish could be started over. On April 8th my father-in-law passed away after months of hospital visits, misery, and all around bad health. He was such a wonderful man and father figure to me. He loved it when I would take care of him--never batted me away and accepted it with great willingness, he liked me to make him food, get him things, make jokes with him, and was always so good to me and said such wonderful things about me. He was honest to a fault in many ways and never hesitated to tell you what he thought and how things were. His loss is deep and only 12 days before my own father five years ago. P is having a hard time as are the kids but that is something that is expected with such a loss.

Mr. T had a long successful life...from bringing home his quirky Bird Scare Predator Eye and introducing it to NASA creating a name for himself publicly and then not such great success with something called the fishmitt that would never have been a hit with avid fisherman. He even interviewed on the morning show of KQRS which is so far away from the type of man he was. Could probably still find it online somewhere. He traveled to many places including Japan and loved to bring his woman to Mexico for vacations and laze around on the sandy beaches. He never stopped looking for that multi-million dollar discovery to bring his family fame and fortune. Even in his hospital bed he relished his great successes in life, bragging proudly of them.

All his stories of his childhood days he loved to share with us...he was a good man and will be missed forever. His final days were less than wonderful but memorable all the same. P and our family were fortunate to spend one very special day with him in the hospital the day before he left us. One we will cherish forever and feel special to have been part of. Tomorrow we will celebrate his life and put some closure on this very sad time and begin the journey of healing.

On Monday my mother had a fire in her basement. The damage from the smoke is pretty childhood home will forever be changed due to this event. Loss is pretty substantial as I speak to her each day..there is always something new being added to the list. She is holed up in a hotel for 6-8 weeks until all the repairs can be completed. She is fine aside from sadness of the loss of so much.

Lastly, our beloved Brooks the Beagle from Barron lost to the devil last night after he was hit by a car. A very good dog, a loyal yapper who stole my place on the couch every day. He would see his opportunity to lay in a warm spot and take it, never failed. His buddy Reggie the Retriever stood over him on the road and guarded him P was told. A man stopped and heard P calling the dogs and told him that he thought our puppy was gone. Needless to say....P had to wake me to tell me...we decided to wake the kids and bury our beloved pet last night shortly after--at 12:30.

Life is effing's been very hard on all of us this last month. Emotions are lost in tears and pain and the feeling of just crawling out of our skin is overwhelming. We look very forward to moving forward but the moment is just lost in turning right or left is going to ease it right now.

Please keep my husband and children in your thoughts and say a prayer that nothing else will drop on this family right now. It's too much for the mojo.....


Friday, January 25, 2013

Amidst the chaos

Ok...this is bad. I haven't been here is far too long!! Why? Um, no excuses..well maybe. Laziness perhaps is the number one reason from October thru November but after that I actually have legitimate excuses. I got a full time job...well...technically it's 36 hours but with school and that I am a bit overwhelmed so sue me!

As my last post stated P and I celebrated our 24th year of marriage...that is most definitely a hard thing to fathom when you really think about it. I remember my mom and dad's 25th celebration..a big to-do. Thee silver wedding anniversary. Now we are just months away from that and it seems like just yesterday we said our vows. Damn time flies.

So...what's been happening in my world? Chaos to sum it, school, everyday obligations, weekend obligations........just writing that I'm exhausted! I just finished up two Java programming classes which unfortunately threw a huge wrench in my GPA...were those classes frustrating and difficult. There's something to be said for having hands on experience when it comes to programming. Needless to say I have experienced two grades below 'A's thanks to those classes and I am not proud of it! UGH!

My job? Hmmmm, it's bitter sweet. I love it and I hate it. I'm a media clerk/tech integration specialist. I love the tech aspect but when everyone's computers are running great things can get pretty boring and make for a very long day. Ultimately though, I am so grateful to have a job. I searched and searched over the last three years and finally landed something that allows me to work with technology.

Our kids are all doing really well. Trudging along and making the best of this life. Our youngest (boy) turns 14 in February...our 17 year old is gearing up for College, our 21 year old it absolutely thriving in this life as a photographer, student, and fraud investigator at a bank and our 23 year old is a working mom living with us trying very hard to make a life for her and her's life right? P and I are busy, stressed, and overwhelmed many days but at the end of each we come out with a deep breath and smiling. This is our life.

Anyway, that is just a quick update. There's no telling when I will post again but thought I would take a moment of my spare time to say 'Hey, I'm still around.' Sorry for the lapse but trying to navigate what is our very very very crazy chaotic life! Hope this post finds all five of my followers doing well and hope to be back as soon as I can..

Tuesday, October 02, 2012

24 years of wedded adventures

Yesterday marked 24 years of marriage for P and myself. We did nothing spectacular but had a super fabulous day. We were up at the crack of dawn to embark on a long drive to Chaska for a round of golf. On the way we got to see the fall colors in the morning was a quiet drive, both of us half asleep most of the way there. The course was absolutely stunning with all the beautiful fall colors. It was most certainly a really great day for a game of golf.

About 9 hours later we were on our way home and got to see the colors in a different shade of light. Vibrant reds and yellows all around and discussing how the weathermen were wrong about the drab colors we would experience this fall. We got each other an anniversary gift of pringles and munched on them as we discussed the day.

So we got home, our kids upset that we were going to be home 'already' and were told to go to our room or for a walk. Both of us were absolutely exhausted from the nearly four mile walk on the course so the mere mention of a walk sent us into aggravated laughter. Yeah right. So we opted to pick a movie and wait to see what they were up to.

About an hour later a knock came on the door that we could come out...we walked out to an empty house, two heaping plates of homemade chicken Alfredo, cheesy garlic bread, wine, and two taper candles on top of a clothed table. A card accompanied this dinner for two as well as absolute silence.

How very strange to have a romantic dinner in a house usually filled with chaos of kids and animals. P and I sat across from each other smiling and I almost think a bit unsure of how to handle such a romantic encounter. That only lasted about two minutes before we started talking and enjoying the very few moments of peace and quiet and it was so very wonderful.

It was a great way to end our very long day. The weather was gorgeous and the day was perfect. As I said to others, 'you couldn't have BOUGHT me a better anniversary!'

As for all the mush about my hubby...yeah, that's just a given. Good days, bad days, laughter, tears, happiness, sadness, anger, bliss....all of it is worth each and every moment of the last 24 years. I wouldn't trade a moment, an experience, or a lifetime of all the growing we have done and will continue to do together. I couldn't feel more lucky to have met this quirky guy who would jump off a bridge for me even if at times he's a bit stubborn. I have that streak too!

Anyway...Happy Anniversary P! I couldn't have ever asked for a more perfect person to spend all these years of my life with. I look so forward to many, many, more years with you!!!!!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

9-11-2001; Never Forget

 11 years have passed and images of that day still make me sick to my stomach! Never forget!